Can you have peace, even in turmoil? We are living in a turbulent time and all of us are experiencing varying levels of pain and fear. In many ways, we are in a war with the darkness that resides within the collective consciousness.

In this episode of Embracing Your Essence, we discussed viewing the current challenges from a higher perspective, so you can reclaim the peace you deserve. If we have a greater understanding of the larger picture, it becomes easier for us to handle the conflicts and also to find those moments of peace. We talked about several ideas to consider as you make choices during the turmoil. We are moving out of unawareness and into the Great Awakening. You are alive at this time because you are a part of the rebirth of humanity.



  • 7:20 Can you find peace during this time? What’s right for your mental health?
  • 9:42 How some people are reacting to the current challenges
  • 11:39 The trap of unawareness
  • 12:35 The Consciousness Shift and the Great Awakening
  • 15:03 Is this the end of time? Addressing a comment from a listener
  • 17:28 There is a greater purpose
  • 18:03 How to have hope after losing a loved one. (Addressing a listener’s comment)
  • 20:07 Some signs that indicate you are going through the Great Awakening
  • 23:19 Why are you alive now?
  • 27:14 An idea to strengthen your love for others, even during social distancing (Addressing comment)
  • 29:20 We’re ripping away the darkness and connecting with our soul
  • 32:16 Addressing a question on the need to purge fear to move into 5 D (5th Dimension)
  • 32:47 Addressing question – “Is this really waking up?”
  • 34:40 Addressing question – “Is this awakening one of the things we’ve come here to help our souls learn and grow?”
  • 35:36 Give yourself permission to have peace
  • 38:57 What do you practice? What do you believe?
  • 44:28 The physical turmoil is a doorway

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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