Many years ago, I followed the mowing rules that had been explained to me as I cut the grass in my large back yard.

I mowed the edges of the perimeter, making sure to mow over the previously cut grass clippings. I continued following the pattern and after three or four passes, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Going around the edges was boring! I wasn’t having any fun.

I sped into the center of the lawn and swerved all over the place. I made circles, spirals, and other random shapes. It was much more fun and satisfying!

needed the freedom to express myself! It was such a relief!

I didn’t have to do what was expected or “right.” It felt so awesome to do my own thing!

This week’s intention is:
“I am free to be me!”

Are you ready to be you? To set yourself free as you let go of the “rules” and expectations that have been imposed upon you?

When we release others’ expectations of who we are and how we should live, we experience an amazing sense of freedom.

In our authenticity, we listen to ourselves and intentionally choose to live as we want to!

We make decisions based on what is best for our soul.

We give ourselves permission to forge our own path!

We don’t sacrifice ourselves, prioritizing other’s needs, expectations, and happiness over our own. Exception: There are times of course, where we’re taking care of people as they deal with health issues or tragedies, and it is necessary to prioritize their needs. I’m not talking about those situations.

I’m talking about the people who want to control you, telling you who you should be and what you should do.

When you’re free to be you, you do your own thing! You choose to protect your energy! You prioritize yourself! You go after your dreams! You choose fun!

Don’t let other people’s “rules” override your rules!

You’re the only person who is the expert in your life, so you get to decide what your rules are!

That’s freedom!

You are FREE to be you!

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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