Channeled Messages From Spirit

“Like a Huge Hug From Beyond!”

This is what my clients say when they reconnect to loved ones who have passed.

Your loved ones want you to know they’re still aware of, and involved in your life. With their encouragement and support, they show their love continues to be with you.

During a mediumship reading, I’ll give you identifying information about the spirits who want to communicate. Be open to whoever speaks with you – this is the opportunity the spirit has been waiting for! The messages spirit provides can be inspirational, healing, fun, exciting, and emotional.

– Do you want to know who you are at the soul level and how to apply this information to your life? This guidance can accelerate your spiritual growth as well as help you clarify your life direction or purpose. (45 minute session) (This is a form of spiritual counseling.)


Readings are available in-person and by video.

INDIVIDUAL appointments only. No couples or groups.
Video options: Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger Video Chat
(Nov. – April: video option only – due to the winter weather)

In-person readings are held at 13 Cleveland Ave.. Lily Dale, NY.
Waiting area and entrance are on Buffalo St.

Purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES – not currently available.
All unexpired gift certificates are valid.


Readings are digitally recorded and will be emailed to you. Recordings are not guaranteed.

Mediumship FAQ

It's my first time! What will this be like?

 I’ve done readings for many “first-timers!” First, relax. I’m not a mind-reader; I don’t know everything you have ever said or done in your life. I’ll bring in spirit, get identifying, evidential information about them, and see what they want to communicate. Frequently they’ll describe what kind of person you are and give some information about you as well. This helps establish that this spirit knows you.

As the reading progresses, I’ll ask you questions to make sure the information I’m giving you is accurate. We usually end up having a great conversation as we discuss the information that comes through.

A successful reading is a combination of you, me, and the spirit(s). Be open and allow the reading to evolve in its own way. Don’t ask for certain information – Spirit decides what needs to be communicated and if you’re asking for specific information, this will take me out of the natural flow and move me into “thinking” mode. Instead, let’s trust that spirit will guide us to what we need to know. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m talking about; they may not give me details about your life situations but they will give you messages they think are important. If you don’t understand something, let me know and we’ll see if we can figure it out. 

Will the person I want to talk to come through?

It’s very helpful if you have an open mind during a reading. If you’re looking for a certain person to communicate with you, set your intention ahead of time and invite them to join us. They do hear you! That being said, it is all spirit-driven; the spirits decide who is going to come based on their need. While you may hope to talk to one person in particular, it is best if you are open to whoever comes in, to receive the message they want to give you.

**If you are looking for a specific spirit to provide a certain piece of information to “prove” it’s really them, the energy will shut down. Mediums work to provide hope, healing, inspiration….if you’re trying to “test” the medium, that kind of energy will block the natural flow of information. Stay open!

Is everything you say accurate?

Unfortunately, no! I may be misinterpreting information, not getting all of it, or be wrong. But a vast majority of the time, the spirit is communicating clearly and we’ll receive accurate information. I’ve also found that sometimes, when we’re unsure of the evidence, it turns out to be correct after a bit of thought or research on the client’s part. It’s wise to take everything under consideration and remember things that we were unsure of.

Can I tell a spirit to go away?

Yes, you can but it can block our energy flow. I spent a whole reading trying to avoid talking to an “undesired” spirit and it was exhausting. Please consider listening to their message first, in case it is healing or helpful; they may want to apologize. Once we get their message, we can let them go. 

How do you channel the spirits? Do you see them?

All mediums work in different ways. I sense and feel them through my body. I may feel their physical issues or I might move or talk like they did.  Sometimes I just “know” things. The spirit is coming through me, not from me. I’m a channel for the energy. Frequently a spirit is exactly the way they were when they were here in the physical. If your grandmother was a big talker, she’s probably still talking!

What will spirit tell me?

Spirit will communicate what they think is important. For example, a certain spirit may want to tell you they’re sorry for the way they treated you or to congratulate you on your growth as a person, etc. In my experience, they frequently want to give you messages of reassurance. They want you to know they’re OK and they want to encourage you to live your life with as much meaning and fun as possible.

Some spirits do like to give advice. Remember, you have free will and can do whatever you want. The future is not set in stone – YOU are the one making the choices to shape your future. Another point to consider is would you have listened to that person’s advice when they were here?

Are there evil spirits?

I don’t believe in evil spirits. I have yet to meet one. I have however, met some spirits who were not very nice in their lifetime and were a bit “grumpy” on the other side as well. If that’s the case, they frequently want to apologize for their behavior…and if they don’t, we’ll let them know they can leave the reading.

How often can I get a reading?

Once every six months or more seems to work well. More frequently and you won’t have time to process and the spirits may not have anything new to say!

Disclaimer: A reading is not a substitute for financial, legal, medical or other professional advice. I provide no claims or guarantees and am not responsible for any actions taken by clients. Each client is responsible for his or her own actions.


“It probably comes as no surprise to you that this email comes 2 years ago to the date that you gave me a wonderful reading at Lilydale – which continues to feed and nurture me today, my mother’s birthday – it’s a very special day to me. You were able to connect with my mom and with my first husband…the mother who still has my heart and the husband I had hidden unresolved issues to heal with. You are truly wonderful and I feel connected with you still.” JC


“I’m still amazed you got my cousin who I didn’t even know had passed. Pretty amazing.” YS

“I recently came to you for a reading (it was the second time I met with you over a 2 year period), and both times were incredibly uplifting experiences for me, and I really want to thank you so much for that. There’s something to be said for interacting, rather than just talking, talking, talking. I think that’s why of all the readings I’ve had, yours were the most profound. Because there was some give and take, and it allowed the spirits to be painted back to life in a more meaningful and verifiable way.” ML
“I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday. It was very comforting and quite relieving in a sense. You made things very easy for me especially because it was my first time getting a reading done. I would love to come back and visit with you again in the near future!! Thank you again very much!” AR
“Thanks for the reading. As I reviewed my notes and the notes I have from readings over the years, I think you were the most accurate. I placed everyone who came through. Your description of my daughter was so accurate, it amazes me. It was great to see you. Thanks for sharing your gift!” TP
“I had a wonderful reading that has helped me more than I can express in words. You gave me a hug and kiss from my daughter, advice from a dear friend and a message from my great grandmother.” CS
“You gave me a reading on the radio a couple weeks ago and I was very moved by your accuracy. I figured out that the person you were connecting with was my father. It was very nice to hear from him. Thank you so much for my reading.” DP
“Not what I expected but in the best way possible.” CT

“I want to thank you for an awesome reading on Thursday! It helped me more than you will ever know! I really needed it!” PD


“My reading with Colleen was amazing! Colleen connected me with several of my loved ones; including one in particular who I was most anxious to hear from. She provided me with validation for each of them, by sharing information that only my loved ones would know. During my reading, I laughed and I cried. Through Colleen, I felt their energy and their personalities. When it was over, I felt so very connected and comforted. It certainly was one of the happiest days I’d had in a long time.” VS


“Colleen was fantastic! She gave me a very detailed reading which was very accurate.She also gave me peace of mind and some closure that I definitely needed. I absolutely recommend her for your reading! I am very satisfied and will return to her next time!” CV


“Colleen, thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday! Your energy was beautiful and I could see that you were enjoying talking with my family. It was a spiritually invigorating end to another beautiful visit to Lily Dale.” TD


“I just wanted to thank you for my reading on Saturday. I left feeling like I had gotten this huge hug from beyond. It has been a source of buoyancy this whole week.” RO


“I wanted to thank you again for reconnecting me to my Mom and Dad. I really felt that they were right there with us. You truly seem to have a great gift. Sorry if they talked your ears off!! Teehee! Thanks again. Awesome reading.” DA


“I so appreciate all you did to facilitate the visit with my Dad! You have a wonderful, positive energy and a calm and natural way of delivering messages that felt very affirming.” BA


“You were so genuine and hearing from my loved ones was what I needed today. I would definitely come back again and keep doing what you do because you are amazing. Thank you for making my day.” MO


“Colleen, I just wanted to take a moment and extend my most heartfelt thanks for a most wonderful experience. It was truly amazing. I am grateful.” CH


“First of all, I wanted to tell you that XX really enjoyed meeting you ..she said some of the things you told her about her father-in-law she didn’t even know were true, until she came home and asked her husband.. she is sure that it was him you were speaking with! She said that a woman came through at first and she did not know who it was..she described everything you had said about her, and it was EXACTLY describing my Grandma, my mom’s mom! Guess she didn’t get the memo that my mom cancelled the appt… that was crazy! Everything you said about her was 100% exact if we had to describe her!” SH

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