Courageously You small group coaching begins January 12, 2023.

Are you ready to BE YOU? Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you can’t meet others expectations. Maybe it’s time to stop being a people pleaser and putting your own needs last. Or perhaps you’re ready to break through the barriers that have kept you stuck, feeling like your life can’t be better.  Let’s make 2023 be the year for more peace, fun, and joy. Learn more



October 29, 2022
Courageously You workshop, 10:00am-1:30pm. Revolution Cheer Gym, 514 Market St., Johnsonburg, PA
(tickets available to the general public soon)

Ready to let go of anything that’s blocking you from living as your joyful self? Tired of feeling judged, stressed, or directionless? Or maybe you feel like it’s impossible to have your own wants and needs met.

 The more you understand and live in the power of who you truly are, the happier you’ll become.

 We’re going to go an adventure of self-discovery where you’ll play with ideas to:

  • Shift your self-perspective. You’ll embrace your soul’s truth, muffling the voice of the inner critic.
  • Rewrite your story, transforming the limiting self-beliefs that have kept you feeling stuck!

When you embrace the freedom that comes from living as your true self, you’ll be creating the joyful life you deserve!
Special bonus: In the group setting, Colleen will do individual mini soul readings. She’ll identify a soul word or aura color that represents who you are the soul level. She’ll talk about some related challenges you may have experienced and how you can use this information to guide your choices as you move forward.

November 10-13, 2022
21st annual Heart of Forgiveness Retreat
With Psychotherapist Gregg Unterberger and Colleen Vanderzyden
How can we learn to forgive ourselves and others? Think about how much of your brain space is used replaying things you regret or terrible things others have done. True forgiveness does not mean we do not learn the lessons from the past – it means we need no longer make camp there, making way for more peace, joy and clarity in the present moment. Join us for this transformative workshop for four days in November and free your mind from the past!
Early bird pricing through Aug. 30. Learn more.

January 12-March 9, 2023
Courageously You small group coaching

June 2-4, 2023
Reimagine Your Life in-person retreat – Lily Dale, NY
Details will be posted soon.

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