Do you ever feel stuck in stress or fear?

Do you complain and worry, feeling like you can’t do anything to be happier?

Do you stop yourself from speaking your truth because you don’t want to upset somebody or cause a conflict? Maybe you don’t do what you want to do, trying to avoid being judged.

Or maybe you’re trapped in the self-critical voice that tells you that you’re not good enough. That it’s impossible to create the joyful life you want to have. 

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Life has taught you to follow certain rules so you fit in and belong, to protect yourself from judgment.

You might have become a people pleaser, setting your own needs aside as you tried to keep others happy. You may have believed they knew more about your life than you did, so you listened to them and squashed your dreams. 

The fear of not being good enough was subconsciously created and has been reinforced by your inner critic.

And now you’re not happy and life isn’t going the way you planned. 

Without even knowing it, you sacrificed who you are.

You’ve stopped believing in and trusting yourself. 

Colleen Vanderzyden

It’s time to play by your own rules and become happy & unstoppable

Reclaim your power & become your Courageous Self!

It’s time! Don’t wait for someday – NOW is the time to BE YOU!


Your true self isn’t gone – it’s hidden.

We’re going to reveal it, peeling back the layers of false beliefs that told you the story that you’re not good enough and that you don’t have the power to change your life!

Are you ready to:

  • Reveal your courageous self and reignite your joy?
  • Be happy and unstoppable, releasing anything that keeps you stuck in pain, sadness or fear?
  • Step into the freedom that comes from believing in and trusting yourself? 

Join us as we reclaim the inner magic of who you truly are.

We’re going to go on an adventure of self-discovery and help you live in your integrity. You’ll reclaim your power and trust the process of life, becoming Happy and Unstoppable.

You would be able to:

  • Release your inner critic’s negativity, shifting your self-perspective. You’ll learn to embrace your wonderful, amazing qualities. You’ll love and accept who you are. 
  • Play with Magical Mind Games as you confidently navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns. You’ll know how to move out of being stuck in an emotional stress cycle as you transform your responses to challenging situations.
  • Learn to trust the process of life, understanding you can use your difficult situations as opportunities for self-growth.
  • Diminish the emotional triggers caused by critical and judgmental people as you become more secure in the power of who you are.
  • Trust yourself and make deliberately bold choices to stay in alignment with your truth. 

Be Happy & Unstoppable as you step into the power of your Courageous Self!

This program is for you if you’re willing to:

– go after your dreams
– prioritize you, your wants and your needs
– question your beliefs about who you think you are and what you’re capable of
– let go of disempowering beliefs and the old ways of doing things
– be honest with yourself, me, and the group
– ask tough questions, make different choices, honor your emotions and learn from them
– commit to living as your best self and deeply connect to your soul’s truth
– learn how to respond to life’s challengs as your true self 

A couple of comments from recent participants:
“One of the best decisions I have made in this life is signing up for Courageously You. I get so excited each Thursday knowing coaching is right around the corner. Colleen has allowed me a safe space to reset and discover myself again. She encourages, supports, and guides each and every one of us with a loving nature. I have grown in ways I didn’t think were possible, and in such a short time. The coaching sessions feel safe and allow you to come exactly as you are. I have taken many courses, joined many groups in my life…never have I seen results like this. Thank You from the bottom of my heart Colleen!!!”

“The coaching program is a transformative experience where each member of the group benefits from sharing their lives. Magic happens. You learn to love and trust everyone in your group and you all learn from each other. The connections are amazing and the support from everyone is unconditional. Colleen’s wisdom and insights are remarkable and her enthusiasm and positive approach make it an incredible experience.”


Are you ready to invest in yourself?


The online course is a delightful and enlightening experience.  It took me down a path of self-awareness and self-recognition.  I was reminded of who I am.  I learned how to manage my stress and anxiety. Colleen’s insightful and informative coaching improved my confidence to move forward into future life experiences with an awareness of the world around me and also make plans as to what my future will be.  I am a happier person after taking the “Courageously You” Course.

 – Denise K.  Courageously You Coaching Program Grad


The Happy & Unstoppable online course alone offers many helpful uplifting tools to add to your tool kit for fixing or clearing negativity, help bring calm, peacefulness & enhanced self-awareness to flow with the changes that you can make to help yourself be your best self.  I took the online course Courageously You, which paired the online Happy & Unstoppable course with Colleen Vanderzyden’s coaching via zoom classes 1 night a week for 8 weeks. The combination of the online course and Colleen’s positive and uplifting energy was most helpful while going through the course at your own pace and in your own good space.  

Colleen thoroughly outlines her Magical Mind Games exercises and is available for questions during the whole 8-week course.  Our Group of 8 also connected via a group Facebook page in which Colleen Actively participated with supportive & encouraging words.  The other members of the course were helpful and encouraging as we all shared our experiences of how certain exercises worked for each of us and the results of our learning.  This sharing helped me personally to know that I am not alone in my struggles with stress, anxiety & other negative Emotional Issues that are all a part of my growing.  We all have to do the work and have a desire to change these habits of negativity to positive ones. Colleen’s Happy & Unstoppable Course with Courageously You Zoom Meeting/Coaching is an enlightening and Enjoyable approach to getting you well on your way to feeling good in yourself again and help you to know you are capable of making the changes you desire to live your life free from negativity and stress and overwhelm.

 – Teresa T. Courageously You Coaching Program Grad


This course has been life-changing. I am calmer and more at peace. We were able to peel away the layers of our lives and figure out exactly what our souls needed. I walked away with coping mechanisms and ways to get back to my authentic self. My heart feels light. The stress has left my life and I am ready for great things. The coaching group is a wonderful asset to the already great online course. I feel like I have known my classmates my entire life and the connections I have made will last a lifetime.

 – Ashley T. Courageously You Coaching Program Grad


I absolutely feel it was Divine Timing that I stumbled across your Happy and Unstoppable course combined with the Courageously You zoom group coaching sessions. I’ve been working on my spiritual journey for several years but this last year felt like I had fallen into a deep, dark heavy abyss. I had truly lost myself. Each Module, Magical Mind Game and encouragement from our live online class helped me climb out of the darkness and back into the light. I finally feel like me again, only much better. I am happier, hopeful, confident and more aware. My spark is back! This course was absolutely a blessing. Thank you again!

 – Lisa O. Courageously You Coaching Program Grad


“Do yourself a favor and take the class!  It’s like taking a fast track directly to your soul’s center!  Working together in our group with Colleen’s navigation, exercises, insights, and support was truly the missing link between years of analyzing and self-help therapies to learning how to find our happy, unstoppable, and courageous selves!”

 – JO

Change happens.

Here’s what you can expect!

More Than Expected

This course is extraordinary and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It exceeded any and all expectations. I took the course in search of a tool that could be used to refocus, reenergize, rededicate, and reimagine the beauty of life. I found that and so much more. It allows its participants to use the tools and create their own special vision of how their lives could and should be. Each module is excellent and is presented in a simple way and enhanced by the many personal and relatable experiences that compliment the objective of each module.      
CH, Happy & Unstoppable Grad

Change Your Perspective

I enjoyed the course immensely and would Highly Recommend it to anyone looking to change their life perspective.   
MS, Happy & Unstoppable Grad

Eye Opening

This course opened my eyes! I loved it! Thank you for the great info and exercises. I’ve been practicing the magical mind games and already I can see a difference! I’m feeling more like me again!  
AV, Happy & Unstoppable Grad

Always Felt Comfortable

It was really amazing having these sessions with you. I like talking with you. You’re fun and have good energy. You don’t judge me so I can be myself. I can say everything and know that something good will come of it. You are wonderful, beautiful, always smiling and made me feel very comfortable to talk about all my feelings.  Thank you so much
MM, Coaching Client

Having Someone Who Believes in You

It’s really nice to have someone who believes in me, I can’t thank you enough, makes a whirl of difference. 
SB, Coaching Client

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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