“A compelling self-help book packed full of helpful tips on living a better, joy-filled life. A FINALIST and highly recommended!”
– The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Courageously You

Magical Mind Games to Get Unstuck and Reignite Your Joy

Courageously You is the shortcut you’ve been looking for
to create profound shifts toward living
the authentic, joyful life you deserve.

Stuck in stress, self-judgment, or fear?

Ready to release the emotional turmoil caused by judgmental people or stressful circumstances?

Would you like to muffle the voice of the inner critic that keeps you trapped in an endless “not good enough” story loop?

Or maybe you want to let go of feeling like you have to keep everyone else happy by being who you’re “supposed to be.”

You’re tired of putting yourself last or feeling too scared to be who you truly are!

Rather than stumbling along without direction, doubting yourself, and feeling helplessly battered by problems and challenges, you’ll be guided on an adventure of self-discovery, reclaiming the power of your true self.

Stocked with powerful “Magical Mind Games,” Courageously You will have you confidently navigating life’s unpleasant twists and turns. As you play with these simple, yet profound ideas, you’ll transform your thinking, learning how to wholeheartedly trust and believe in yourself. You’ll break through the barriers that have kept you stuck, making intentional choices to live life on your own terms.

An enthusiastic professional educator, Colleen Vanderzyden has been teaching these empowering “how-to’s” for over twenty years. They’ve helped thousands of her coaching clients and radio show listeners embrace the freedom that comes from living in their truth, emboldening them to create a joyful life beyond their wildest imaginations.

Ready to manifest the life of your dreams? This inspiring guide provides a clear roadmap to your courageous self!

**BONUS! Get your free downloadable Powerfully Me workbook that can be used with Courageously You. You’ll find the link in the book introduction.

Warning: Courageously You may cause miraculous shifts in awareness resulting in positive new perspectives. Magical Mind Games are user-friendly seeds of wisdom that are deceptively simple and straightforward, which is why they work! Don’t underestimate them. Don’t just read about them — use them, and like me, you will find yourself smiling and saying, ‘I never thought of it like that!’ Revisiting these magical games when you’re feeling helpless and stuck really will set your mind free to create the joyful life you want!”

Kasey Way, Artist and Owner at Kasey Way Arts Studio

 “Vanderzyden, a ‘teacher’s teacher,’ writes conversationally, engaging us with personal stories and examples that deftly capture the moments where paradigm shifts occur. This work is not mere conjecture or theory; she writes from a brutally honest ‘been there, done that’ perspective. This amazing book provides a clear roadmap, so readers can manifest their dreams and truly live their greatest adventures!”

Jake Samoyedny, Registered Lily Dale Medium, author of "A Pathway to Eternity"

“Courageously You is a delightful primer for living an intentional and more positive life! I fell in love with Vanderzyden’s Magical Mind Games; they represent a lifetime of wisdom that are sure to work true magic in your soul! Her gifted storytelling makes this an enjoyable and easy read: a genuinely life-changing gem of a book!”

Brenda K. Reynolds, Leadership Consultant, Coach and Speaker, author of "TBD: To Be Determined, Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times"

“As a therapist for over 25 years, I have seen countless clients who tell me they have ‘lost themselves.’ In particular, women of our society are relentlessly pressured by families, lovers, bosses, and even the broader culture to be everything to everybody. Is it any wonder we don’t know who we are? Vanderzyden shows us how to reset our internal compasses using Magical Mind Games — playful concepts that are, in actuality, profound psychological tools for transformation, devoid of psychobabble, that bring clarity and energy to the journey of reclaiming our essence and living the life of our dreams.”

Gregg Unterberger, M.Ed., Psychotherapist, International Presenter for the A.R.E., and author of "The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey"

Ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

Get this inspiring guide to your courageous self!

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