Reignite Your Joy!


Join me for a very special offering: my Happy and Unstoppable Online Course PLUS with my 8-Week Courageously You Group Coaching, for only $499 (a $2200 value!). Program starts September 29, 2021.

Let’s work together to move your energy
& point you in the right direction.

When you need guidance with:

Relationship struggles like feeling disconnected, unheard or judged.
Work/Career challenges with overwhelm or not living in your purpose.
Life’s unexpected events or uncertainty about your future.
Feelings of being stuck in worry, stress or unhappiness.
Thinking you’ve lost yourself or questioning who you truly are.

Or you want mentoring on your personal journey of healing & spiritual growth.

It’s Time To:
Reconnect to your inner wisdom and reclaim yourself.

As an Intuitive Coach, I’ll bring you new perspective
with a unique blend of intuition + practical strategies.

When we work together I’ll be able to:

Guide you through digging deeper into your subconscious than you’ve been able to on your own.
Peel back layers & help you see beyond the surface.
Introduce you to higher perspectives and your innate potential.
Show you how to retrain your mind to bring about the changes you truly desire.
Help you repair any internal issues and strengthen your feelings of self-love and self-worth.
Give you personal guidance with spiritual growth, life purpose, creation of new projects or learning healing/mediumship techniques.
Give you the strategies to handle anything that comes your way so you can regain your power.

When we work together, you’ll be able to experience:

The unwavering strength within you.
Having the confidence to easily handle anything that comes your way.
Feeling safe & secure in yourself as you return to love.
Happiness! You’ll be able to process your emotions rather then get stuck in them.
A renewed energy and the ability to release old draining energies.
Clarity on your next steps, insights and direction to move confidently through your life. 


You deserve a joyful life. 
Here’s how we can work together:

Empowerment Intensive Session

75 minutes | Investment $275

We’ll dive deep and fast. You’ll get clarity on your problems. We’ll explore blocks and discover where you might be stuck. You’ll receive personal guidance to help you release and shift your perceptions. We’ll discuss practical strategies you can immediately implement to change your actions and reactions.

Transformative 2 Month Program

4 60-min Sessions + Email Support | Investment $1100

We’ll work closely together for a two-month period via session and email communication to take you from where you are to where you’d love to be with ease. You’ll be able to confidently navigate your particular issues and truly be in a different energy all together. This program has the most support offered so I’ll be fully with you through your transformation period.

To Get Started With Coaching, Just Answer a Few Questions:

*Dislcaimer: I’m a certified life coach. All information is given in good faith. You are responsible for all your own decisions. Coaching is not intended to be mediumship or psychic readings. Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling. If you are in need of those services, speak to the appropriate professionals.


“Hi. Before any more time passes I want to thank you (big virtual hug) for my sessions with you. Since I last saw you there has been a whirlwind of change both around me and within me. The insight and mindfulness of those hours with you have grounded me and focused me more than I anticipated when I first began. I am still processing the things we discussed with the underlying themes of caring for myself first and creating a lifestyle that supports my social goals. Again, thank you so much. I called you my coach but you were more like a friend. Truly a memorable experience at a difficult fork in my path.” PN


“Your guidance has been life changing.” SS


You are a beauty inside and out Colleen and I want to thank you once again so much for the beautiful life coaching session the other day!! You instilled such confidence in me and confirmed many of the ideas that had come to mind. I have to remind myself to stay focused and know that God has my back 🙂 I really wanted to thank you for sharing your own personal story. It meant so much to me. Our minds have such power over our bodies. Your beauty just shines. I am so grateful Keep shining that beautiful light xo” BO

“Colleen’s coaching helped me sift through the murky waters that had become my stuck life. I used to have dreams and talents but through the years, while working and starting a family– I lost track of myself and couldn’t even remember what those dreams were! Everything seemed pointless and impossible. Colleen helped me clarify what exactly was holding me back– and showed me steps I could take to break through my own limiting beliefs. You may ask, “why do I need a life coach?” But, if you aren’t feeling like yourself anymore, feeling hopeless and unclear—- having Colleen as your coach is just what you need to get back into the game of living a more fulfilling life!” -KW

“I’d like to say that working with you really helped me to understand, on a far deeper level than ever before, what is truly important to me and how I want to live my life. I came to better understand that by bringing my spiritual growth and understanding into my current life, rather than trying to find it “elsewhere,” I can create a fulfilling life here and now! Developing spiritually means seeing the life I’m living differently and bringing a whole new perspective to the things I do every day. Yet still, this months long journey with Colleen has also helped me to see the possibilities before me and to recognize that my most fulfilled and happy self comes from living my life’s true purpose. I see doors opening all around me and am excited about the journey ahead! I’m a changed person – it’s incredible.” ML

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