It’s time to dig deep in your soul and to reconnect with your light.


What is a lighthouse? It is a beacon of light, it’s purpose is to provide light and to guide others. It doesn’t try to be anything else, it doesn’t try to force people to change course. A lighthouse only provides light, illuminating the path, and providing clarity. The light is there for anyone.

At the soul level, like a lighthouse, you are light. As you strengthen your connection to the unique light in your soul, you illuminate your life path.

When you do this you positively affect others: you begin to recognize that we are one, the light we have is shared by everyone. As your light increases, so does the light of those around you.

Have you ever toured a lighthouse? If so, you’ll know that the foundations are feet-thick, solid, and unmoving. The foundation holds up the whole lighthouse. They are designed to withstand the greatest storms, without losing their light.

Your light, your love is your soul-level foundation. It is solid. You are already love and light and have what you need to withstand life’s’ storms.

Using the metaphor of the lighthouse, we will explore three steps to help you reimagine your life:


In reimagining your life, do you want to accept the spiritual aspect of who you are? To accept yourself as love and light?

It’s as simple as saying ‘Yes. I want that.’

How do you know you’re in the light?

  • Choose to look for the good
  • Choose to live from love, from light
  • Choose to be caring
  • Choose to love all people
  • Choose to use high-vibrational words
  • Choose to do the best we can
  • it doesn’t mean we are always perfect

Imagine you’re touring a lighthouse, there are so many steps to get you from the bottom to the top. Think about where you are in that journey and where you want to be. What steps do you need to take to get where you want to be? Consider your priorities and how you want to live your life. What are you doing, who is with you, where are you? Open your soul and allow it to guide you.

But, for now, focus on the present. You are where you need to be on this journey. Every step is getting you somewhere, there are no wrong turns. Remember, you have a strong foundation of love and light.

You may, at times, feel overwhelmed on this journey. Listen to your body, to your heart: it is okay to stop and catch your breath. Take the time you need.

You will also meet others on your journey to the top. Encourage them as you go and remember we are all doing the best we can.


Why do we climb lighthouses? Even though it can be a challenge, we want to experience the view from the top of the lighthouse. It is an expansive view, and you can see for miles and miles around you.

During the climb to the top, you will reach small windows along the journey. But these are just a glimpse of what is beyond the walls of the lighthouse. 

We can often view life’s problems from the small windows in our soul’s lighthouse: we can’t see past our challenges and they may feel bigger than they are. It is a very limited view, and we may lose sight of the bigger picture.

But, when you get to the top of the lighthouse, you can recognize how much more there is. The view is expansive. Once you reach this perspective, you can make choices that help you live the life you want.

Shine your light, raise your vibration.

Watch the full video to learn how living like a lighthouse can help us live more spiritually. 


Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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