Have you ever been shocked to discover what you believed to be true, wasn’t? This is disillusionment. We normally think it’s a negative, something to overcome. But what If it’s an opportunity to live with more clarity?

When we awaken spiritually, we can become disillusioned with ourselves and the superficiality of life. We might feel that we were lied to or that people purposefully put limits on us by telling us how to live and who we should be. We believed certain things were “right” or “wrong.” Disillusionment reveals the darkness within ourselves and the world.

Becoming disillusioned is an opportunity for self-growth, helping you live in authenticity. You’ll integrate new understandings as you release habitual, false beliefs. In the episode below, you will find 7 suggestions for transformation. Learn how to integrate the shifts and create a more meaningful, empowered life.

12:39 Disillusionment is exactly what you need
15:31 Spiritual awakening is disillusionment
21:01 The darkness is being revealed as we awaken to ourselves
23:28 Honoring ourselves as we navigate our daily lives during this global disillusionment
26:42 How do we integrate the disillusionment without drowning in negativity
30:07 Don’t make disillusionment about who you are as a person
33:18 Grieve over the loss
34:36 Surrender control and attachment
36:11 Choose your response
37:17 Forgiveness
39:04 Trust
41:18 Living in authenticity

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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