“When is this going to end?” my client asked. “I’m so tired of not seeing my family and friends. I’m worried about getting sick. Why are people mean to each other?”

I understood her frustrations. Uncertainty is our new normal, and it seems like everything is falling apart. We’ve been feeling hopeless. We can’t see the end in sight, and we feel powerless to feel better. 

We’re in a consciousness shift. The darkness is being exposed within ourselves and in all aspects of society. We once felt we understood how life works, what the rules are, what can be expected – we’ve learned that we were living in an illusion – what we believed to be true, isn’t. 

As false beliefs are revealed, we can feel lost and alone. We struggle to find hope in the dark. 

Hopelessness is a sign that it’s time to access our soul’s light. Our souls are connected to divine energy. When we’re in our light, we’re in our power. This is not the power of control or wanting reassurance that all will be well. It’s the power of allowing ourselves to be guided by the divine.

To cultivate hope, we have to face the hopelessness and get more comfortable with uncertainty.

Here are four ideas to help you transform hopelessness:


1. Surrender

Surrendering is not giving up in despair. Rather than resisting the current situations, we accept them and allow ourselves to be guided. I recently had a day where I felt depressed and sad. I tried to push the feelings away, but it wasn’t working. I went to my Course in Miracles book and read Lesson 45. It stated, “God is the mind with which I think.” This means that my thoughts are God’s thoughts, that there is no separation. As I considered this statement to a deeper level, I understood my feelings of resistance were separation.

I wasn’t thinking from my God mind. I was thinking from my human, fear-based mind. Using the concept of surrender, I allow my God mind to take care of details. I don’t have to know how to get anywhere. I only have to know that in surrendering, I will be reconnected to the light of my soul’s energy and will be one with the God mind. I can give my fears away and know that I’m guided. Surrendering is releasing the need to know or control.

2. Feel your emotions

I was pushing my emotions away because I didn’t want to face them. Many people are experiencing grief with the losses of how we used to live, the realizations that what we believed to be true, isn’t, and the significant losses of people who have passed. 

When we’re resisting our emotions, our energy gets stuck, and we feel hopeless and powerless. We process our feelings when we face them and, if necessary, grieve. This opens an energetic space, and we make room for hope.

3. Intentionally bring in light

Our souls are a part of the divine energy, and as such, we have a direct connection to the light. On the day I felt depressed, I envisioned light and love in my heart and expanded it as a bubble around me. I wanted to create a bubble to raise and clear my energy. I used my breath to strengthen the light, making it brighter and stronger. It was also further connecting me to the divine.

When we don’t have hope, it’s because we believe something is wrong. But if we’re in our God energy, our soul’s light, nothing is wrong. Everything is in divine order.

The energetic component of reclaiming hope must be included. When you focus on light, you raise your energetic vibration – you’re reconnecting to your soul’s power. Intentionally strengthening your love and light, returns you to your natural state of hope. It hasn’t gone away…it was hidden.

4. Trust

 Have you ever noticed that life has a way of working out? That you don’t necessarily have to know where you’re going, to get someplace awesome?! Is it possible to trust God and the universal energy? Can you trust life to bring you exactly what you need to become the best version of you? Can you trust yourself? 

When we’re attached to a specific outcome – we want to know the ending or we want what we want – we aren’t trusting. We feel hopeless and powerless because life isn’t going the way we want it to. We want certain things because we think we’ll feel better.

If you can release attachment to a specific outcome, you will be moving into trust. This is not to dismiss the seriousness of any situation but to recognize that we don’t control life. Things happen that we don’t like or want. But can we trust that everything is in divine order? That there must be a reason why things are as they are, even if we don’t like it? Can we live in trust? When you live in trust, your hope returns. 

  • As you surrender, you are trusting the divine.
  • When you feel your emotions, you’re trusting and believing in yourself enough to honor who you are.
  • When you bring in the light, you’re integrating with the divine energy, trusting your soul’s connection.

You can have hope, even in the dark. When you return to the light of your soul, you’re strengthening your divine connection. The hope is within your soul…it never left. 

To learn more about this topic, watch the Embracing Your Essence episode “Finding Hope in the Dark” – below:

6:38 Uncertainty is the new normal
9:34 Soul connection
10:58 How to get back to the soul’s light?
11:54 Surrender rather than resisting
14:20 “God is the mind with which I think” – Course in Miracles
You don’t have to know where you’re going
17:47 Viewer question “Are we getting downloads from Source to help us ascend?”
18:37 Feel the emotions
21:09 Face the grief
22:23 When we’re stuck in emotions, our energy is clogged
24:52 A process to bring in light to raise, clear and protect ourselves
28:41 If you trust, there is no need to attach to specific outcomes
34:56 Remembering and rediscovering the light of your soul
38:34 Thoughts on how to deal with children during the uncertainty (viewer question)
40:33 Thoughts on struggling with unemployment (viewer question)
43:41 How do we keep positive in such a negative world around us? (viewer question)

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