We’ve all experienced difficult people. Some make illogical and inconsiderate demands. Others seem to enjoy criticizing you. Feeling defensive, we get trapped in challenging emotions. We’ve been wronged. We get wrapped up in the drama, feeling attacked and unworthy. We might react with the same energy that is being thrown at us, creating more stress and turmoil.

In this episode of Embracing Your Essence, I talked about some perspective shifts that can help you make an intentional choice in your response. You can have peace and feel better, even if you have challenging interactions.

While difficult people certainly affect our serenity, we have the power to choose a higher vibrational response. If we can move towards loving them – and there are different layers of how love can be expressed – we will diffuse the negativity. We won’t be triggered anymore! And when we’re not triggered, we have more peace and joy.

Use your power to let go of the drama and instead, choose serenity!



  • 2:19 Information on Lily Dale 2020 Summer season
  • 8:00 How difficult people affect us
  • 9:53 My recent interactions with demanding home buyers
  • 14:09 Triggers are an opportunity to learn
  • 15:27 We expect people to act the way we do, we want the personal connections
  • 16:37 How do you typically respond?
  • 17:57 How do you respond when you’re surprised by difficult people’s behavior?
  • 19:36 Why do we want to love them?
  • 23:24 What if a family member is difficult and toxic?
  • 25:24 How are you going to demonstrate love?
  • 30:15 Understanding yourself and your boundaries
  • 35:37 Move away from being a victim and blaming others for how you feel
  • 39:42 Explore your triggers and life lessons
  • 44:22 The blame game
  • 46:46 Difficult people are an opportunity to practice creating love

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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