It can feel like we have no power to change how we feel. We might feel that we can’t make a difference in anyone else’s lives. We’re currently experiencing an avalanche of unprecedented situations! We’re in the midst of a consciousness shift. When we live in the energy and light of our soul, we can help transform the darkness.

On this episode of Embracing Your Essence, I talked about some ways you can intentionally use your energy to connect with others, creating a new world. As we advance through the shift, we begin to live from a higher level. We embrace the soul’s limitless and powerful energy.

You can intentionally uplift others as you live by the one essential rule of life. We also talked about how to send energy to physically distant family or friends, as well as to those who may be struggling at this time.

Life should be simple and easy. Use your energy to connect with others and change your world, their world, and the whole world!

P.S. For the first few minutes, I shared contact information and was dealing with technical issues. Jump to 2:44 to get to the topic.



  • 2:44 Use your energy to change the world as you advance through the consciousness shift
  • 4:27 Living in the light of our soul changes the world
  • 5:14 An example of intentionally using energy to uplift another person
  • 7:18 Life is supposed to be simple and easy
  • 8:22 The one rule of life
  • 9:31 Living in the energy of Love
  • 9:52 What is energy?
  • 11:28 With energy awareness, you can create a new world of connection and oneness
  • 13:22 Feeling energy
  • 14:34 A idea to practice connecting to the love energy
  • 15:23 How to send energy
  • 17:09 We are limitless
  • 18:36 Sending with intention – play with the energy
  • 19:54 Find a friend – practice sending and receiving – steps for success
  • 25:02 Energy work is powerful!
  • 30:36 You are a light towards creating the oneness

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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