COVID-19 has many of us feeling anxious and fearful. Join me in this episode of Embrace Your Essence, as I guide you through The Transcend Anxiety Process.

This process will help you shift your energy out of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, and worry and into positivity and resilience.

Rise above the thought that you can’t feel better and understand yourself from a higher perspective. You’ll be creating positive energies, developing resilience, and become empowered. And very importantly, you’ll transcend anxiety, choosing to experience more peace.

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  • 3:11 Looking at the current covid 19 situation from a higher perspective
  • 6:20 Your body reflects your emotions
  • 9:30 Messages from the body
  • 11:25 Introduction to the Transcend Anxiety Process
  • 12:08 Preliminary exercise: connecting to positive energy
  • 16:26 Preliminary exercise: discover how negative energy affects you
  • 20:27 Using positive energies to shift out of negative emotions
  • 22:22 Make the choice to take action
  • 23:46 Question from Linda – “Is mother earth anxious as well?”
  • 24:40 The Process. Step One – open body language
  • 26.26 Step Two – Connecting with emotions
  • 29:39 Step Three – Intention
  • 31:16 Step Four – Transfer positive energy
  • 34:09 Summary

Alfred Leung

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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