Is fear overwhelming you? My nephew wants to live in a plastic bubble. He thinks it’s safer. But consider a life lived in that bubble. Would it be full of joy?

Our brain is wired to be fearful – it looks for danger so we can protect ourselves. Fear is prevalent in our culture – particularly right now – and you are not alone.

Fear can cause us to get stuck in challenging emotions, feeling hopeless and powerless. We worry about an uncontrollable future. Fear prevents us from being our most powerful selves and limits our joy.

This episode of Embracing Your Essence was recorded at the beginning of the pandemic, when much was still unknown. Since that time, we’ve all faced additional fears. In this video, I talk about how you can use fear to learn more about yourself, discovering who you are at the soul level. I discussed how fear affects our responses and how we unintentionally amplify it.

I also shared several techniques and ideas for letting go of fear, shifting perspectives, and reconnecting with your inner power. If you’re ready to take back your power and feel better, play with these ideas. Don’t live in a protective bubble! You deserve to have more joy in your life!


  • 4:39 Fear limits us and stops us from being our powerful self
  • 6:36 Law of attraction – what we focus on attracts more to us
  • 8:50 Legitimate, healthy fear and manufactured fear.. and how fear affects us
  • 12:05 Fear limits our joy, we try to fix it by controlling the uncontrollable
  • 12:27 Explore fear to learn more about yourself
  • 13:13 Three fundamental rules of life
  • 14:15 Who are you at the soul level?
    Some ideas on letting go of fear:
  • 15:57 Be aware of how you’re reacting and understand what you fear
  • 18:44 Break the habit of allowing fear to take over, letting the mind run wild.
  • 21:30 Have a plan to shift your perspective, taking your power back
  • 22:43 – Affirmations/Visualizations/Intentions – the power of your words
  • 26:43 – Mindfulness, be in the present
  • 29:55 – Meditation
  • 31:15 The opposite of fear is trust
  • 35:26 The power of prayer
  • 39:06 Consciousness shift
  • 40:34 – Strategy: Let go and Trust exercise

Jumping by Sammie Vasquez

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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