Many years ago, I struggled with the uncertainty of infertility. It was an extremely challenging time, full of despair and emotional pain.

In retrospect, I can see that the more attached I was to the specific outcome of having children in a certain manner, the more pain I had. I was uncomfortable not knowing what was going to happen. I worried over possible scenarios, trying to control the unknown by forcing an outcome.

Every one of us has experienced uncertainty due to uncontrollable situations.

We now find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented change and global uncertainty.

This can be emotionally painful. Rather than attempting to feel better by attaching to what we think is the “right” solution, we can instead learn to stop resisting uncertainty and move into acceptance. This will help us release troubling emotions. Accepting our circumstances is not giving up in despair, it’s a choice you make in how you handle your situations.

In this episode of Embracing Your Essence, I discussed various ways we resist the uncertainty of our life issues and how we get stuck in emotions. Using a three-step process for handling uncertainty, you can learn to shift your perspectives, move out of resistance and into acceptance. I also talked about strategies to honor and process your emotions, choosing to trust the process of life.

As you reconnect to your power, you’ll more easily handle life’s uncertainties. And you can achieve the ultimate goal of feeling better!


  • 1:48 Uncertainty of a fear of the unknown
  • 7:15 Change is constant
  • 9:41 Strategy: Release attachment to fear of unknown and review the past
  • 10:31 Strategy: Ask the universe for help or reassurance before you go to sleep
  • 12:51 Everything is uncertain and Michael J. Fox’s thoughts on moving into acceptance
  • 16:56 Three steps to handle uncertainty and the fear of the unknown
    • 1. Honor and name your emotions
    • 23:09 2. Trust and accept the process of life.
    • 26:44 3. You have a choice
  • 27:44 Acceptance
  • 40:52 Answering questions and giving suggestions to listeners comments
  • 44: 39 Loss of a loved one, grief, and emotional dreams
  • 48:57 Mini-reading for friend of loved one who is ill
  • 51:57 Focus on love
  • 53:55 Talking to the dead or mental illness?
  • 58:25 What do you do with an unsupportive family?
  • 59:07 Medication interfering with mediumship?

Paraglider by Jéan Béller

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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