Are you who you think you are? When we tell others who we are, we like to use our labels: chef, mother, movie star, doctor, teacher, friend, etc. Although labels are a part of you, they aren’t who you really are! Your labels are not your essence, your true self.

I went to a great workshop where I learned how to do automatic writing. My very first attempt was an awesome failure. As I listened to others share their inspirational words, I judged myself for my lack of ability. A perfect example of a self-proclaimed failure label. However, I was not going to miss this chance so I tried to stay as open as I could.

On my second attempt, I channeled a message that changed my life. The surprise in my success was only surpassed by the words I had in front of me, that had obviously come from a higher place; I would never have consciously said those words. While the whole phrase has become a guide for me and my life, the part that spoke to me so clearly was, “Be who you are for who you are is blessed.”

I thought I knew who I was. But in that message I discovered I wasn’t aware of my emotions, desires, dreams, and goals. I had absolutely no idea who I was and who I really wanted to be. I wasn’t particularly happy; my relationship left a lot to be desired, my job was stressful, and I felt lost. I definitely wasn’t satisfied with myself or my life. Have you ever felt like that?

This realization set me in a new direction where I discovered I was much more than I thought and so are you! I discovered my life is all about me and no one else. If I wasn’t happy in my relationship, it was up to me to make the necessary changes. If I wasn’t feeling joy in all aspects of my life…what could I do to shift that?! I’m the only one who has total control over my life, who I am, how I act, what I do, what I think and feel! I create my life and who I am.

It is all about me just like your life is all about you! While I was discovering myself I was led to the people and experiences that were necessary for me to learn and grow. I had a fantastic life coach who helped me find clarity in my beliefs and encouraged me to dream big. She helped me look at my life in a whole new way. One of my earliest mind-blowing perception shifts was that I could change my mind.

I had grown up thinking that I had to keep believing whatever I had always believed. It had become a habit to believe something without really thinking about it. I realized I could have a certain belief and then change it if it were no longer beneficial to me. I could see how limited my view of myself and my life were. Because of that new discovery, I expanded my thoughts to dream bigger.

I learned that it’s not selfish to love myself because in loving myself I honor, respect, and listen to my inner being, my true self. And when I do that, I’m happy. When I criticize myself, like I did at my first attempt at automatic writing, I’m not loving myself. If I were loving myself, I would be encouraging and kind.

Have you ever been unhappy or unsatisfied with yourself or your life? Do you have a critical voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, kind enough or worthy of a better life? If you don’t like something, it’s up to you to change it. You can shift that voice from a negative, critical voice into a loving, empowering one. That voice is trying to help and protect you; it just needs to learn a better way.

Are you who you think you are? It’s possible you may be much more than you think you are. Loving yourself, honoring and respecting your emotions and dreams, will help you create your happiest life!

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