Soul Empowerment Community Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that should I decide to discontinue my monthly or annual membership before Midnight EST, on the stated cancellation to allow a refund, I will receive a full and complete refund of all monies paid to the Soul Empowerment Community. 
  • Further, I understand that if I enroll at the monthly rate, I may choose to leave the community at any time, but should I decide to leave the community after the stated refund date, I will not be refunded any monies on a pro-rated basis. Similarly, if I enroll on an annual basis, I may choose to leave the community at any time, but will not be eligible for a refund after the stated refund date.
  • I understand that as a Founding Member of the Soul Empowerment Community, that my monthly or annual rate at which I enrolled will never increase as long as I keep my membership current. 
  • I understand that if I leave the Soul Empowerment Community and decide to re-enroll at a later date that,a.) I will be subject to a monthly or annual fee that is higher than the Founding Members price, and,b.) I will have to wait until enrollment is re-opened to the public. No exceptions will be made for prior members seeking to re-enroll. 
  • As a Soul Empowerment Community member, I agree to the Community Standards:a.) I’ll treat members both online and in person with kindness and respect.b.) I’ll refrain from discussing politics on the site.c.) I will not make any sexual advances or will refrain from innuendo in community discussions.

    d.) I will be tolerant of other’s spiritual and/or moral belief systems. While respectful dialog to explore differences is allowed, shaming someone not.

    e.) I will not use the Community for advertisements or self-promotion.

    f.) I will be judicious in the use of profanity. (We understand that sometimes only a “salty” word will do to express yourself, but the community in general should be thought of as being rated PG, if you will.)

    I understand the violation of these Community Standards can lead to cancellation of my membership without refund.

Soul Empowerment Community Disclaimer

The information provided by the Soul Empowerment Community either on the site or given orally by presenters on-line or in-person should not be construed as a health-care diagnosis, treatment regimen, or any other prescribed health-care advice or instruction.

The information is provided by the SOUL EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY with the understanding that the publisher and/or presenter(s) is not engaged in the practice of medicine and does not enter into a health-care practitioner/patient relationship with its’ readers, members or program attendees either online or in person, unless explicitly agreed upon in other additional  signed documentation. 

Neither Gregg Unterberger nor Colleen Vanderzyden advises or recommends to its’ readers treatment or action with regard to matters relating to their health or well-being other than suggesting that readers and/or workshop participants consult appropriate health-care professionals in such matters. 

No action should be taken based solely on the content of the SOUL EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY or presentations given by presenters on its’ site. The information 

and opinions provided by the SOUL EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY are believed to be accurate and sound at the time of publication and/or presentations, based on the best judgment available to the authors. However, members who rely on information in this publication, site or presentations to replace the advice of health-care professionals, or who fail to consult with health-care professionals, assume all risks of such conduct. Neither SOUL EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY, nor the presenters and/or publishers is responsible for errors or omission. 

Readings relay messages from spirit to inspire and empower you. No claims are made and results are not guaranteed.  I do not take responsibility for any decisions or actions taken by a client. Each client is responsible for his or her own actions. A reading is not a substitute for financial, legal, medical, or other professional advice. Please consult the appropriate professional advisors if you are in need of such advice.

Last updated: 13th January 2023

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