Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks or months) where it seems like everything is going wrong? You wonder how you’re going to get through your problems. The worry and stress are overwhelming. 

Last year over a period of a few months, my identity was stolen, my computer crashed and I lost some important files, my eyesight rapidly deteriorated and I needed surgery…on both eyes. And if that wasn’t enough, a friend died and I was having relationship issues.

Life is full of problems. From the simple flat tire to the more painful life-altering challenges. We can get stuck in worry and stress. 

We blame people or situations for ruining our lives. We complain that life is unfair or hard.  We’re not happy or content. We want life to be different…easier…and to work out the way we want it to.

That’s not the way life is. 

Years ago, as I was on my self-discovery path, I had an “aha” moment where I realized I had the power to change how I was experiencing my problems. 

It was a simple, but profound awareness that I could choose my response to life and its problems. 

I could choose to stay stuck in worry, blaming and complaining. I could choose to stay powerless, believing I had no control over life. I could choose to believe life is too hard and I’m helpless to change how I feel. 

Or I could choose to use my problems as opportunities to help me learn and grow as I become my best self. 

We get to choose how we want to live. We can choose to move out of worry, blaming and complaining. We can choose how we respond to our problems. We can choose to use our power to live life on our terms, honoring who we are and what we want. 

We can choose to be happier. Even with our problems. 

If I got stuck in the thought that the person who stole my identity was intentionally trying to ruin my financial life, I would have created more stress. I chose not to take her actions personally and let them negatively influence my mood.

Instead of choosing to obsess on the lost files from the computer crash, I chose to be grateful for the files I still had.

Rather than worrying over scary possible outcomes with the surgeries, I felt peace when I chose to trust the doctor to do the best he could. 

We may think we don’t have choices, but we always have a choice.

Choose how you want to live.


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