July 18, 2020, Saturday 

ONLINE Workshop: Navigating the New Reality After Loss
2:00-5:00pm EST | $45 Register Now

It can be difficult adjusting to a new reality after a significant loss. We may ignore or suppress our feelings, get stuck, or find ourselves pretending to be strong. We hide how we truly feel.

In this workshop we’ll discuss strategies to:

  • honor and process your emotions
  • discover hidden beliefs that may be keeping you stuck
  • shift the energy of negative thoughts or feelings

Process your emotions in a healthy way, reclaiming your power while honoring your passed loved ones.

Please note this is a part of the larger “Love Never Dies Weekend” and can be purchased as a package or individually.


July 22, 2020, Wednesday

ONLINE Workshop: The Empowered Empath
7:00-10:00pm EST | $65 Register Now

As an empath, you’re sensitive to other people’s energy. Because you live with an open, loving heart, you might suppress your own needs or become overwhelmed with other people’s emotions.

In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies to:

  • protect yourself from unwanted energies
  • cope with emotional stress
  • replenish your energy after toxic encounters
  • understand possible pitfalls empaths have in relationships
  • handle difficult and challenging people who may be needy or narcissistic

Make conscious choices to manage and protect your energy and reclaim yourself in becoming an Empowered Empath.


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