Reimagine Your Life

In-Person Retreat

June 2-4, 2023

Let go of old programming and reclaim the power of your awesome self.

It’s time to create the life of your dreams…beyond what you can imagine!

Maybe you’ve been wondering what’s next.

You might feel directionless and unsure of how to move forward.

By all external accounts, you may have a great life, but yet, you’re unhappy or dissatisfied.

Maybe you’ve had a difficult change in your circumstances, and now you’re confused and uncertain.

Perhaps you’re struggling to trust yourself and believe that you could have a better life!

You might have even said to yourself, “Is this all there is? I can’t live the rest of my life like this!”

But there is one thing you do know – YOU WANT MORE!

You want deeper,  more authentic connections.

You want to be more of who you really are!

You want more kindness, love, and fun!

You want your life to have more meaning!

If you’re looking for inspiration or guidance in creating your most joyful, meaningful, ideal life, join us for this fun adventure!


During this transformative weekend retreat you will:

  • reveal your soul’s unique gifts and strengths.
  • reset your energy, releasing blocks and the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.
  • learn how to live in the limitless flow of your soul’s true expression.
  • accelerate your intuitive development.
  • get clarity on your next steps toward manifesting your best life.
  • experience an enlightening, past-life group regression.


Becoming more secure in your truth, you’ll diminish self-doubt and choose to trust yourself. You’ll create an action plan toward your ideal life!


As part of the adventure, you’ll play with: energy work, dowsing, meditation, crystals, soul readings, healing, auras, channeled soul writing, and creating a Life Adventure Board.

  • You’ll also experience an illuminating past-life group regression with certified past-life regression therapist Gregg Unterberger. You’ll discover your past lives and the soul-level connections to your friends, family, and partners.
  • Colleen will do a fun and informative Q&A Saturday evening. Ask general or personal questions for intuitive guidance.


Regular price: $399

**EARLY BIRD PRICING 10% discount – $359, when paid by May 2, 2023 (or until sold out).

Pay Early Bird in full now for the best price. Buy Now

Early Bird payment plan: $200 DEPOSIT DUE NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. An additional payment of $169 will be invoiced on a date you and I will decide upon. The payment plan must be paid in full by May 2. Payment plan total is $369. ($359 plus $10 in billing fees). Buy Now

In addition to the workshops, price includes all supplies, light snacks, and beverages.

Cancellation Policy: Cost is nonrefundable but is transferrable to personal sessions or workshops produced and given by Colleen Vanderzyden. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Lyceum building, Lily Dale Assembly
East St.
Lily Dale, NY 14752

June 2-4, 2023
Friday 7:00-9:30pm
Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm, 2:00- 5:00pm, 7:30-9:00pm
Sunday 9:30am-1:00pm

Sunset View Guest House, 11 Cleveland Ave. 716-384-4035
Harmony House, 10 Cleveland Ave. 716-595-3551
Jewel of the Lake, 15 Cottage Row 716-595-3112, [email protected]
Aurora’s House of Light and Joy, 8 Melrose Park  716-467-5552
Southern Comfort Inn, 9 Cleveland Ave. 502-901-8199
Amber Tree Inn, 4 Buffalo St, 716-268-1018
Angel House, 2 1/2 South St, 716-595-3154


Learn the Secrets to a Meaningful Life

Embrace the Light Within

January 15, 16, 17, 2023 – 7:30-9:00pm EST

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