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Do you know what the biggest regret is
of a person who’s dying?

It’s that they lived a life where they weren’t true to themselves.

Maybe they didn’t make their dreams a priority. Maybe they listened to other people’s opinions rather than trusting and believing in themselves. Maybe fear stopped them from doing what they wanted to do because they didn’t want to risk failure, judgment or criticism. Maybe they let their problems overwhelm them, keeping them stuck in worry and unhappiness.

An then at the end of life, they realized they could have chosen to listen to themselves, to take action and honor their dreams, to live life on their terms! To be happier!

The Happy and Unstoppable online course
provides strategies to handle your problems and become your happiest self. You’ll go on a journey of self-discovery, understanding who you are and the power you have to change your life.  You’ll learn simple strategies to confidently handle unexpected problems and difficult people. And in the process, learn to live true to yourself! You’ll change your story from stuck and stressed, to happy and unstoppable.

If  your life is good enough or you’re happy enough, this course isn’t for you. 

BUT if you want to live a life that’s better than good enough, here’s a solution. Whether you have one problem or many, or you just don’t feel like yourself and it seems like your life should be happier, the Happy and Unstoppable online course can help.

The course includes:
1.  Four modules. Each module is released weekly over a four-week period, giving you time to practice and implement the simple strategies. The course can be completed at your own pace.
2.  18 very short videos and related handouts.
3. 20 Magical Mind Games.
4. BONUSES: An exclusive Happy and Unstoppable Facebook group. The purpose of the group is to share ideas and support each other. I will answer your questions for the benefit of the whole group.
Facebook live coaching sessions. The sessions are for questions and to offer guidance in handling your specific problems.

Click here for complete details and to purchase. Be sure to check the free introduction section.

Module 1 – Who are you? Discovering your Inner Magic.
You will:

  • discover how you’ve wandered away from your true self
  • identify what blocks your happiness
  • reveal your positive qualities and values, strengthening the connection to your authentic, true self.
  • explore the power of the mind in how you interpret events and situations
  • connect to your hidden Inner Magic, the unique power you have within to create a happier life experience

Module 2 – ReclaimYour Power
You will:

  • transform self-limiting beliefs and move into unlimited thinking, reclaiming your ability to dream big!
  • understand life’s three fundamental truths
  • realize the magic of your words in creating a positive life experience
  • release the self-critical voice and replace it with empowering messages
  • consciously decide how you want to experience life and reclaim your power

Module 3 – Trust the process of life
You will:

  • understand problems lead you to your best self
  • make conscious choices in your responses to problems
  • learn how to move out of resistance and into acceptance
  • reframe your problems, transforming worry and stress
  • discover how to release the struggle of living with uncertainty

Module 4 – Being You
You will:

  • discover how fear has kept you safe and has stopped you from being your true self
  • use your interactions with other people as an opportunity for self-growth
  • work with strategies to protect yourself from negative and challenging people
  • learn to trust yourself and know your truth, valuing your opinions over others
  • discover a simple strategy to move out of difficult emotions, seeing people and situations more objectively.
  • know that you have the power to live a happy and unstoppable life



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