Guided Meditations for Self-Realization

Guided Meditation CDThese relatively short, guided meditations were designed to allow you to reach the meditative state quickly and easily.

The meditations are:

1. Relaxation – relaxing the body to calm the mind
2. Love – expanding our love
3. Emotions – releasing an emotional charge and experience the emotion beneficially
4. Thought Patterns – choosing thoughts that empower you
5. Energy – clearing and focusing the energy body
6. Higher Self – developing a greater awareness of your higher self

My experience with your Guided Meditations for Self-Realization was magical! The first time I listened I was in a trance. I found myself completely relaxed, then energized. -MC

I wanted to tell you how amazed I was as I listened. I felt so wonderful and I felt like a small weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I just wanted to let you know and tell you what a positive impact it had on me. -SS

Price: $17.95

Shipping: $3.25 (each additional CD +$2.25)
NY state residents add 8.0% tax

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