Combo Pack: 52-Card Deck and Meditation CD

Purchase the Meditation CD and Self-Realization Card Deck Together and Save 15%

Guided Meditations for Self-Realization CD

Guided Meditation CDThese relatively short, guided meditations were designed to allow you to reach the meditative state quickly and easily.

The meditations are:

1. Relaxation – relaxing the body to calm the mind
2. Love – expanding our love
3. Emotions – releasing an emotional charge and experience the emotion beneficially
4. Thought Patterns – choosing thoughts that empower you
5. Energy – clearing and focusing the energy body
6. Higher Self – developing a greater awareness of your higher self

Practical Steps to Self-Realization 52-Card Deck

Each card has a theme, affirmation and simple practical step. Draw a card daily or weekly to discover the theme that is appropriate for you at this time. The affirmation should be written or spoken repeatedly throughout your day to assist you in maintaining focus. The practical step will give you guidance and direction towards making a shift in your thoughts, behaviors or actions so you can express the essence of your true self.


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