Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching with Colleen


I specialize in transformation and self-empowerment!

Do you feel like you don’t know yourself anymore? Are you overwhelmed, unsatisfied, frustrated or so stressed that you aren’t living a joyful life? Do you feel like something is missing, like there has to be something more? Have you tried to complete a goal or project but it never seems to get done?

Life Coaching can help you create a joyful, empowered and fulfilling life. I have the gift of helping people see the potential within themselves, to help them discover their unique selves. Highly intuitive and spiritually connected, my passion is to help you get clarity on your goals and dreams. Each of us is an awesome, unique individual with our own unique strengths and perspectives. You deserve to feel like your best self! We can get clarity on what’s going on in your life and thoughts so you can take action on things you would like to change. You have the inner power to transform your life!

Life coaching is client-centered; you, as the client, determine what is important to you. You are the one to take action to learn about yourself, and take steps to make changes to get the results you want. I, as your coach, will use various exercises and ask questions to help you get more clarity and support you in your discovery process. We will partner to create the changes and life you desire.

Spiritual Life Coaching adds a spiritual perspective to Life Coaching. My definition of spirituality is the knowing that there is something greater than us that can provide us with strength, insight, intuition, and messages to help us live our lives to our highest. Spiritual life coaching is NOT a religion or religiously based. I work with your definition of spirituality if you desire to do so. It is not necessary to work with the spiritual aspects to achieve your goals, if you would prefer not to. Coaching is a way towards personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment, ultimately helping you live the joyful life you want.

Your coaching made me realize that the positive change I seek for my future can only be arrived at by reconciling my past, not in a way that answers every question, but in a way that enables me to forgive my history. – PN

Colleen’s coaching helped me sift through the murky waters that had become my stuck life. I used to have dreams and talents but through the years, while working and starting a family– I lost track of myself and couldn’t even remember what those dreams were! Everything seemed pointless and impossible. Colleen helped me clarify what exactly was holding me back– and showed me steps I could take to break through my own limiting beliefs. You may ask, “why do I need a life coach?” But, if you aren’t feeling like yourself anymore, feeling hopeless and unclear—- having Colleen as your coach is just what you need to get back into the game of living a more fulfilling life!  -KW

If you are ready to:

– find out what’s holding you back and remove those blocks
– create a happier life
– learn how great you truly are

then coaching is right for you!

Contact me to set up a free 30-minute session where we can get to know each other and discuss your challenges and goals. At that time, I’ll let you know more specifically how coaching can help you with your individual needs.

In order to have enough time to discover your dreams, abilities, goals, blocks and to implement changes, we do need to meet over a minimum of several weeks. You will best benefit with regular weekly appointments. Appointments are available by telephone or in-person and are sixty-minutes. Most people prefer telephone appointments to allow them to feel comfortable for inner reflection and processing.

Self-Empowerment Package

-Seven hour-long private individual sessions
-The “Get-to-Know-You” assessments
-The article “Seven Mind-Shifts for Stress-Free Living”
-Unlimited email support
-A follow-up email after every session confirming your goals and action steps
-A “check-in” email a couple of days before the session to communicate how the week has gone. This is so we can make best use of our time together during our session.
-The Guided Meditations for Self-Realization CD
-The Practical Steps to Self-Realization card deck

Self-Empowerment Package Price: $1000 ($500/month for two months, or $250/month for four months). Contact me for your free thirty-minute session so we can discuss your goals
and how coaching can benefit you!
(Additional months can be added to extend the coaching benefit.)
Available openings for new clients are limited.

Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling. If you are in need of those services,
you should speak to the appropriate professionals.

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