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As a medium, I channel messages from spirit. For many, the assurance that their loved ones are still in contact is immeasurable. These spirits will usually provide enough information for you to be able to identify them. There may also be other spirits who come in who are distant relatives or others you may not recognize. Every spirit will have a message that is important to you, so I recommend that you keep an open mind if you are unsure of the spirit or message. You may find that you can identify the spirit at a later date or that the information becomes more relevant as time passes. Each message you receive should be encouraging and even inspirational. If you would like further information on readings and how they work, visit my FAQ page.

In-Person Readings15 First Street, Lily Dale, NY
I offer individual readings. At this time I don’t do small group sessions, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In-person readings are available April-November. With uncertain winter conditions December-March, instead of in-person readings, telephone/Skype/FaceTime sessions are available.
30-Minute Reading $90
45-Minute Reading $130
(Payment can be paid in advance or at the appointment)
Please do not pay for the reading until it has been scheduled. 
Readings are digitally recorded and will be emailed to you. Notepads and pens are available if you would like to take notes. (Recordings are not guaranteed – you are welcome to record the session yourself.)

Telephone/Skype/FaceTime Readings (September-May)
After your appointment has been scheduled, THEN make your payment by paypal, by purchasing a reading (below). Readings are digitally recorded and will be emailed to you. Recordings are not guaranteed – you are welcome to record the readings yourself.
For best results: Please be in a comfortable place where you can be focused on our connection. Do not schedule a reading when you will be driving in your car or while you’re at the airport waiting for a flight. 🙂

To schedule a reading: The calendar below has my available dates. Complete the Request Appointment form to schedule an appointment. You can also call/text me at 716-672-9751 and leave a message if I do not answer. I will call you back as soon as I can, when I have my appointment book at hand. If you are not in a rush (scheduling a summer appointment months in advance, for example), you can send an email to . Please include your name, telephone, day(s) you might be available and preferences as to morning or afternoon times. (I am in the United States Eastern time zone)

While there may be some walk-in times available during the summer season, it is highly recommended you make appointments in advance. Off-season readings are by appointment only. Payment can be paid in advance by paypal (below) or at the appointment. Do not pay for the reading until it has been scheduled.

Purple dates are UNAVAILABLE. Green dates are available.

Appointment Request

All prices are US dollars.
30-Minute Reading: $90.00 
45-Minute Reading: $130.00 

30-Min. Reading

45-Min. Reading

Please do not pay for the reading until it has been scheduled!

Gift Certificates for readings and healings are available. Contact me to order.

Disclaimer: A reading is not a substitute for financial, legal, medical or other professional advice. I provide no claims or guarantees and am not responsible for any actions taken by clients. Each client is responsible for his or her own actions.


“Colleen was fantastic! She gave me a very detailed reading which was very accurate.She also gave me peace of mind and some closure that I definitely needed. I absolutely recommend her for your reading! I am very satisfied and will return to her next time!” CV

“My reading with Colleen was amazing! Colleen connected me with several of my loved ones; including one in particular who I was most anxious to hear from. She provided me with validation for each of them, by sharing information that only my loved ones would know. During my reading, I laughed and I cried. Through Colleen, I felt their energy and their personalities. When it was over, I felt so very connected and comforted. It certainly was one of the happiest days I’d had in a long time.” VS

“I’m still amazed you got my cousin who I didn’t even know had passed. Pretty amazing.” YS

“I recently came to you for a reading (it was the second time I met with you over a 2 year period), and both times were incredibly uplifting experiences for me, and I really want to thank you so much for that. There’s something to be said for interacting, rather than just talking, talking, talking. I think that’s why of all the readings I’ve had, yours were the most profound. Because there was some give and take, and it allowed the spirits to be painted back to life in a more meaningful and verifiable way.” ML

“Colleen, thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday! Your energy was beautiful and I could see that you were enjoying talking with my family. It was a spiritually invigorating end to another beautiful visit to Lily Dale.” TD

“I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday. It was very comforting and quite relieving in a sense. You made things very easy for me especially because it was my first time getting a reading done. I would love to come back and visit with you again in the near future!! Thank you again very much!” AR

“I just wanted to thank you for my reading on Saturday. I left feeling like I had gotten this huge hug from beyond. It has been a source of buoyancy this whole week.” RO

“Thanks for the reading. As I reviewed my notes and the notes I have from readings over the years, I think you were the most accurate. I placed everyone who came through. Your description of my daughter was so accurate, it amazes me. It was great to see you. Thanks for sharing your gift!” TP

“I wanted to think you again for reconnecting me to my Mom and Dad. I really felt that they were right there with us. You truly seem to have a great gift. Sorry if they talked your ears off!! Teehee! Thanks again. Awesome reading.” DA

“I so appreciate all you did to facilitate the visit with my Dad! You have a wonderful, positive energy and a calm and natural way of delivering messages that felt very affirming.” BA

“I had a wonderful reading that has helped me more than I can express in words. You gave me a hug and kiss from my daughter, advice from a dear friend and a message from my great grandmother.” CS

“You were so genuine and hearing from my loved ones was what I needed today. I would definitely come back again and keep doing what you do because you are amazing. Thank you for making my day.” MO

“You gave me a reading on the radio a couple weeks ago and I was very moved by your accuracy. I figured out that the person you were connecting with was my father. It was very nice to hear from him. Thank you so much for my reading.” DP

“It probably comes as no surprise to you that this email comes 2 years ago to the date that you gave me a wonderful reading at Lilydale – which continues to feed and nurture me today, my mother’s birthday – it’s a very special day to me. You were able to connect with my mom and with my first husband…the mother who still has my heart and the husband I had hidden unresolved issues to heal with. You are truly wonderful and I feel connected with you still.” JC

“I want to thank you for an awesome reading on Thursday! It helped me more than you will ever know! I really needed it!” PD

“Colleen, I just wanted to take a moment and extend my most heartfelt thanks for a most wonderful experience. It was truly amazing. I am grateful.” CH

“Not what I expected but in the best way possible.” CT

“First of all, I wanted to tell you that XX really enjoyed meeting you ..she said some of the things you told her about her father-in-law she didn’t even know were true, until she came home and asked her husband.. she is sure that it was him you were speaking with! She said that a woman came through at first and she did not know who it was..she described everything you had said about her, and it was EXACTLY describing my Grandma, my mom’s mom!
Guess she didn’t get the memo that my mom cancelled the appt… that was crazy! Everything you said about her was 100% exact if we had to describe her!” SH

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