Healing Sessions: In-person appointments are extremely limited. Distant healing sessions are more easily scheduled. 

I have been channeling healing energy since 2001 and have seen some amazing results: the disappearance of a tumor; the relief of pain, arthritis, and skin disorders; someone walking away and leaving their cane behind; improvements with diabetes, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, weight issues… Others have reported feelings of extreme relaxation, spiritual awakenings, insights and solutions to emotional and mental concerns. It has not been abnormal for clients to tell me they felt hands touch them when they know I didn’t or to say they felt the presence of other beings in the room. We are now in a new consciousness where the healing energy is the strongest it has ever been. I have been blessed to be a channel of the spiritual gift of healing.

After extensive study of many healing methods, including Sound Healing, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch®, Harmonic Healing, and Spiritual Healing, I developed my own method of healing, Luminescent Healing.

Luminescent Healing

The essence of your being is connected to the universal energy of light and love. You have the ability to express this luminescent being that is within you. Through Luminescent Healing you can experience greater awareness and growth as you choose a higher path of wisdom and self-enlightenment. Luminescent Healing is a holistic approach to healing that uses various healing techniques to expand the universal energy of light and love within you, empowering you to raise your energy to a higher vibration.
It can help you reclaim your inner essence of light and alleviate stress, anxiety, worry and illness, creating more compassion, love, happiness and contentment in your life.

What is Healing?

A healing is changing the energy in and around your body, to adjust your vibration for optimal health.

A healing can create emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shifts as well as help you proceed on the path to realizing your authentic self, your true being, your essence. It can change negative thought patterns, release toxic emotions, enhance creativity, reduce stress and worry, alleviate physical symptoms as well as promote a greater sense of relaxation and well-being. Most people find healings to be quite beneficial. You do not need to be ill in order to benefit from a healing.

I have come to the realization that while there are many different healing methods that may have different techniques, they are all based on similar premises and are all a form of spiritual healing. Some methods may appeal to certain people and may be easier to accept or understand because of their belief systems. When I am with a client, spirit directs the healing and the techniques and methods are secondary.

Free Distant Healing Sessions

Free monthly distant healing sessions are offered September through May. Please see the event schedule for specified dates and times. To participate in the free monthly healing sessions, send an email to colleen@colleenvanderzyden.com  (with “Free Distant Healing” in subject line) to have your name put on the list. In the message, you can include as much or as little information as you like. The information on this page can assist you in preparing for these sessions. You may want to sit quietly during the specified time to fully experience the energy, but it is not necessary.

Preparation for Healing

In preparation for healing (in-person or distant), it is important that you release expectations and maintain an open mind. Set your intention of what you would like to be healed and then let it go, relax and allow the healing to happen. Before the healing starts, be aware of your body, thoughts and emotions so you can notice the effects and shifts that are the result of the healing. As the healing progresses you may feel, hear, sense, or see different things. These effects may be immediate or may occur over the following days. Everyone receives a healing – some effect that is important and beneficial for you now. It may or may not be what you desire to be healed – only the universal energy knows what you truly need at this time. Be receptive to accepting the healing that is given to you for it is always given for your highest good. Allow the energy to provide the healing that will best serve you. Healing always happens for your highest and best.

I had a client once who was very focused on a particular physical issue. When she returned for a second session she complained that the issue hadn’t improved and was convinced she hadn’t received a healing. But the next words out of her mouth were that the eczema she had suffered with for months had disappeared. She had discounted that healing because it wasn’t what she wanted. It is necessary to let go of your attachment to the outcome and trust that God, spirit, the universal energy will provide exactly what you need, at exactly the right time.

In-Person or Distant Healing Appointments

Healings are equally effective in-person or at a distance. Each person has their own experience with healing; some will have physical sensations and others may not, but all will receive a healing. For either method, we set up an appointment. For an in-person session, the client will lie on a massage table while I work in their energy field. For a distant healing, I recommend that the client sit or lie someplace comfortable at the appointed time, when I will begin the healing. I tell clients to set their intention, then release it, and just experience the healing, noting any particular sensations or thoughts. At the conclusion of an in-person healing, we will discuss our impressions. For a distant healing, we will follow-up with a call or email.

If you are in the Fredonia/Lily Dale/Buffalo, NY area, and if scheduling allows, I will be happy to do an in-person session for you.
In-Person healings are given in Fredonia, NY and are extremely limited. I recommend distant healing as an alternative. 

To request a paid, personal healing session, please CLICK HERE to fill out the healing request form. You can also call 716-672-9751 to set up your personal appointment. In-Person healings can be paid in advance or at the session. Distant Healings are paid in advance; please order below and submit the healing request form.

Gift Certificates for readings and healings are available. Contact me for further information.


In-Person Healings

Private healing sessions are offered year-round in Fredonia, NY. Available times are extremely limited. Distant healings are more easily scheduled.
$50.00 – 30 minutes
$75.00 – 45 minutes
* appointments include time for explanation of methods and feedback
* prices vary if healings given in alternate location

In-Person Healing

Distant Healings

$75.00 – 45 minutes. To request a healing, please CLICK HERE to fill out the healing request form.

Distant Healing

Disclaimer: The universal energy operates through me for your highest good. There are no claims, promises or guarantees. I do not diagnose nor treat specific health issues or challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

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