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My mission is to inspire and empower others, to help them be who they truly are. To that end, I offer psychic/mediumship readings,  life coaching and healings. I also give inspirational lectures and present workshops on a variety of topics.

I give readings year-round at my Lily Dale location, weather permitting.

Mediumship Readings

For many, the assurance that their loved ones are still in contact is immeasurable. These spirits will usually provide enough information that you will probably be able to identify them. Learn more…

Life Coaching

Life Coaching can help you get clarity on your goals and dreams, helping you create a joyful, empowered and fulfilling life. Learn more…


A healing can create emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shifts as well as help you proceed on the path to realizing your authentic self, your true being, your essence. It can change negative thought patterns, release toxic emotions, enhance creativity, reduce stress and worry, alleviate physical symptoms as well as promote a greater sense of relaxation and well-being. Learn more…

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