Workshop descriptions

July 29, 2018 (Sunday) Workshop – Fundamentals of Transformational Healing

Within each of us is a divine spark capable of channeling the healing powers of the universe. In this inspiring workshop we will explore what energy healing is and how it can transform lives. At this time many people have a great need for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Learn how to connect with the powerful spiritual energy and channel it for greatest impact.

We will discuss the 3 essential healing principles and their importance in spiritual healing. Using fun exercises, we will experience seeing and feeling the energy. You will learn how to powerfully channel healing with a variety of techniques for working on the body and in the energy field. With an overview of the 7 major chakras and how to work with them, you will develop a greater understanding of the energy body. Each person will receive an individual attunement to the divine healing energies. Awaken your innate healing abilities to be an effective, transformational healer.

This highly experiential workshop will give you a thorough knowledge of energy healing as well as significant practical experience. If you’ve ever considered using healing work to make a difference, this is the workshop for you! REGISTER

July 31, 2018 (Tuesday) Workshop – Awakening 101

When it is time, we awaken to the divine within us. We recognize we are one and begin the path of spiritual transformation. We step into a miraculous adventure of embracing our soul and essence.

This workshop will provide guidance as you navigate your spiritual awakening. Have you been experiencing increased intuition, a heightened awareness of spirit and energy, mystical experiences, or a greater sensitivity to your surroundings? We each awaken in our unique way, with our own unique experiences, and they can leave us feeling disconcerted, confused, and restless.

We will discuss the many ways an awakening presents itself so you can come to a greater understanding of what’s happening. The workshop will be based on your personal needs and will include informative exercises and tools to help you with:

-accepting your awakening
-sensing and feeling energy and spirit
-trusting your intuition
-strengthening your divine connection
-handling your increased sensitivity
-clarifying your personal spiritual path

You have been called to awaken for a reason. You are here to make a difference. Your soul has been called to expand into your awareness. Allow yourself to be guided to your divinity. REGISTER

August 5, 2018 (Sunday) Workshop – Everyday Spirituality; Strengthening Your Connection to the Divine

Every moment is an opportunity to live a more spiritually connected life. The integration of your personal spirituality into the everyday will help you more easily deal with life issues and challenges. Do you want to access more divine guidance? Would you like to cultivate a high vibrational connection? Strengthening your daily spiritual connection will transform all aspects of your life and bring you empowerment, joy, and peace.

Each person has an individual definition of Spirituality. In this enlightening and empowering workshop, you will create a unique plan to integrate your personal spirituality into everyday living.

You will:
Discover the benefits of living a spiritually connected life
Clarify your spiritual power
Explore the “7 Steps to Spiritual Empowerment”
Create practical strategies to implement new habits
Step into higher vibrational living

Strengthen your innate spiritual connection to live each day in the divine!

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