Workshop descriptions

July 3, 2017, 2017 (Monday) Workshop – Techniques to Amplify Healing Energy, 2:00-5:00pm, Lyceum Building, Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY – tickets available at a later date
Are you interested in creating profound healing? In this experiential workshop you will learn a variety of techniques to amplify the healing energy on the body or in the energy field.

Our hands ascertain information or send healing energy. Having an expanded awareness of the finer details of your hand motions and placements allows you to experience a greater depth in channeling the healing energies. In addition to promoting clear and focused energy, you will practice seeing energy and linking with others.
You will also:
-work with breath, visualization and body awareness
-increase the sensitivity in your hands to raise your awareness of subtle energetic variations.
-discover specific techniques to increase the flow of energy
-experience an attunement to higher vibrational energies
-learn the significance of hand placements and motions and their effects on the energy
These techniques have been developed over many years and have proven to be extremely effective. Don’t miss this opportunity to refine and amplify your healing abilities!

April 8, 2018 (Sunday) Workshop – Spiritual Insights Towards Health and Happiness.

Integrating fundamental spiritual insights into your life will bring you closer to the source energy, creating an empowered, happier life. These four spiritual truths can guide your decisions and actions, transform false belief systems, and help you affirm your unique life purpose. With a three-step process, you will be able to use life challenges to shift your perspective and strengthen your spirituality, making conscious choices. Living as your authentic, spiritually connected self, you can create an inspired, happy, and healthy life.

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