April 29, 2018 (Sunday) Speaker, First Spiritualist Church of Erie, 11:00am church service, 11193 Sharp Rd, Waterford, PA 16441

July 7, 2018 (Saturday) Medium, Lily Dale Assembly 2:30pm church service, Auditorium, Lily Dale, NY

July 29, 2018 (Sunday) Workshop: Fundamentals of Transformational Healing. 9:30-4:30 Assembly Hall, Lily Dale, NY.  For best price, pre-register.  Register here. Within each of us is a divine spark capable of channeling the healing powers of the universe. In this inspiring workshop we will explore what energy healing is and how it can transform lives. more…

July 31, 2018 (Tuesday) Workshop: Awakening 101, 9:30-4:30, Octagon Building, Lily Dale, NY For best price, pre-register. Register here. When it is time, we awaken to the divine within us. We recognize we are one and begin the path of spiritual transformation. We step into a miraculous adventure of embracing our soul and essence. more…

August 5, 2018 (Sunday) Workshop: Everyday Spirituality – Strengthening your Connection to the Divine, 2:00-5:00pm, Octagon Building, Lily Dale, NY For best price, pre-register. Register here. Every moment is an opportunity to live a more spiritually connected life. The integration of your personal spirituality into the everyday will help you more easily deal with life issues and challenges. Do you want to access more divine guidance?  more…

Radio Shows

Visit the Radio Shows page for more information on the weekly shows.

Mediumship Readings

Readings are given at 15 First St. in Lily Dale, NY. There may be some walk-in appointments available during the summer, but appointments are highly advised. Readings are by appointment only from September through June. Please go to the readings page for more information.
Call or text 716-672-9751, or email to schedule.

Free Distant Healings

Free 30-minute distant healing sessions are offered on the following dates:
To add your name to the list, please send an email to  with Free Distant Healing in the subject line. You can provide as much or as little information as you would like. For more information on distant healing and what to expect, visit the healing page.


Private in-person healing sessions are limited. Distant healings are more easily scheduled. Visit the healing page for more information.

Past Events

Visit my media page for past events, video and audio recordings.

Lecture – Spirituality and Mental Health Conference, Erie, PA
Workshop Presenter – “Meditation for Relaxation and Stress Relief” – Chautauqua Institution
Workshop Presenter – “Stage Presence for Mediums” – Lily Dale Assembly
Guest Speaker – “Choosing Who You Are” at The Light of Truth Church, Cheektowaga, NY
Guest Clinician –”Sound Vibrations and Health” NYS School Music Conference, Rochester, NY
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