Rev. Colleen Vanderzyden

Registered Lily Dale Assembly Medium,
Spiritual Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Healer, Workshop Presenter

Radio Host of “Creating an Inspiring Life” – Thursdays, 8:30pmET on A1R Psychic Radio and Moonstruck TV.
Radio Host of “Embracing Your Essence” – Tuesdays, 8:00pmET on Lily Dale radio.

My Journey

In 2000 I received the spiritual message to “Be who you are, for who you are is blessed,” which set me on an intense path of self-discovery. As I have learned more about myself, I have come to the realization that I really enjoy helping others learn more about themselves! Who are you? How can you fully express your authentic self? What choices do we make in our day-to-day lives that would empower and inspire us? How do we love and honor ourselves? What simple steps could lead us to a better life? How can we be who we are so we fully embrace our essence? These are all questions that led me on a path of inspiration and empowerment!!

Psychic Medium

As part of my natural progression, I became a Medium. I am a registered Medium at Lily Dale Assembly and am certified with the Arthur Ford Intl. Academy of Mediumship. My primary teachers were Janet Nohavec, Bill Collier and the staff at Delphi University. Our connection to spirit can be quite important when we are on a path of self-discovery and readings can help provide valuable information.

I found Colleen to be very caring and compassionate when she is giving readings. She is excited to be able to help the receiver in any way she can. -MB

Thank you so much for my reading. You’re great and will remain my connection to him until we are together again someday! -DM

I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday. It was very comforting and quite relieving in a sense. You made things very easy for me especially because it was my first time getting a reading done. I would love to come back and visit with you again in the near future!! -AR

Spiritual Life Coach

I became a certified Spiritual Life Coach to continue helping people in their personal growth, empowerment and self-discovery. By discovering your unique inner self and taking action, you can create a fulfilling, inspired life!

Your coaching made me realize that the positive change I seek for my future can only be arrived at by reconciling my past, not in a way that answers every question, but in a way that enables me to forgive my history. -PN

Colleen helped me clarify what exactly was holding me back– and showed me steps I could take to break through my own limiting beliefs. -KW

Inspirational Speaker

One of my great joys is lecturing. I truly love to inspire an audience while speaking. Some of the places I have lectured include the Earth Spirit Expo in Hamburg NY, Gifts of Gaia, Lily Dale Assembly, NYS School Music Association winter conference, the Chaut. Co. Vegetarian Society, SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia Central Schools Inservice programs, Church of the Living Spirit, and the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church.

Your talk was luminous, mystical and deep. I am still thinking about it. -DR

Colleen, just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful inspirational talk at Church today. It was humorous, spiritual, and oh so poignant and relative to all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your spiritual gifts today. You are truly the authentic you….you just lit up the room! -MS


I started on a traditional path as a music teacher and professional violinist but the underlying psychic part of me drew me to other interests. It became clear that part of my path was to become a healer. I have extensively trained in many forms of healing including Sound Healing (with Jonathan Goldman, Charles Curcio), Reconnective Healing (with Eric Pearl), Quantum Touch®, Harmonic Healing, Spiritual Healing, and many others. It is a passion of mine to explore the different modalities to deepen my knowledge and skills. As I integrated the many forms, I developed my own method of healing, Luminescent Healing, bringing light and love to those in need of healing.

Thank you very much for our session. It was a blissful experience, very calming. -PW

Thanks again for your amazing gift. -PG

My healing was one of the best. The energy was great. -HS

Healings are a great way to clear energy, to help allow our true selves to express, in addition to the other benefits from a healing.

Workshop Presenter

For many years I have presented workshops on a wide variety of topics. Workshops can be a great way to learn something new to help create the life of your dreams. Some of the workshops I have presented include: Expressing Your Authentic Self, Stress Reduction through Vibrational Healing, Sound Healing, Healing Techniques, Distant Healing, Meditation.

I am on a continual path of learning. I have taken workshops with Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Debbie Ford, Cheryl Richardson, Neal Donald Walsch and many others.

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